Divine Order of the Universe

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I don’t think this book will get a positive response from the physics community, because established beliefs are hard to break. Since most physicists do not feel the need to question theories such as the Big Bang and Relativity, these theories have now become established beliefs. There is such a strong belief in the field of physics that these theories are true that almost all phenomena and events in the Universe are tried to be explained based on these theories.
The Hypothesis of the Primitive Atom (commonly known as the Big Bang Theory), put forward by Belgian Jesuit priest and physicist Georges Lemaître in 1927, and which argues that the Universe was formed by expanding from a tiny, extremely hot and very dense point, is not actually a scientific theory, but is a science fiction scenario that tries to fit science into biblical belief. So is the Oscillating Universe Theory pro7
posed by Albert Einstein in 1930, inspired by Georges Lemaître, which is very similar to The Hypothesis of the Primitive Atom, but with constant “big bangs” and “big crunches”.
Among physicists and astronomers today, the most defended theory regarding the formation of the Universe is the Big Bang Theory. The Oscillating Universe Theory comes second. Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, on the other hand, has turned into a theory among physicists whose accuracy is meaningless to even question. Most of the experiments that test these theories are done to prove their truth, not their falsity. Today, a physicist or astronomer who does not approve of Lemaître’s and Einstein’s theories cannot gain an important place in scientific circles, and the views of a scientist who tries to explain the Universe without approving these theories are not given much importance. Because opposing these theories has become almost synonymous with opposing science. Even scientists who try to explain the universe in a different way have to squeeze the theories of Lemaître and Einstein into one corner of the theories they have created.

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